Sustainability / Environmental Statement

Johnson's Enterprises is proud to state that all of our fish and shellfish is caught only by bonafide registered UK fishermen and is sustainably sourced from UK stocks. No black market (over quota) fish from unregistered fishermen is ever taken at Johnson's Fish Market.

Records for all fish bought by Johnson's Enterprises are collected by M.M.O (Marine Management Organisation) officers, weekly.

At Johnson's we are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint as a company, and to this end our delivery vans have trackers fitted so that we can monitor cost effective routing, reducing journey times. We also reuse packaging wherever possible by thorough cleaning, thus reducing our polystyrene box disposal by more than 50%.

We send all fish offal to a recycling centre and much of the fish bones and heads left over from our prep tables are bagged and frozen for re use as bait by the fishermen in shellfish pots.